1928 Chaplin Film "Time Traveler"

Started by FSBlueApocalypse, October 27, 2010, 07:59:29 PM

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Well, if there is ever going to be a new episode of bogosity, might as well start with something fresh. This has been making the rounds.

The claim "A woman (or guy in drag) is seemingly talking on a cellphone in a Chaplin movie"


I love it.  So he sees this and the first thing he thinks is that a someone amassed untold energy, technology and science to rip open a hole in the space time continuum and pass through.  They performed this godlike feat in order to star in a bit role in a little known silent film from the 1930s, and they were so terrible at it that they were talking on a communication device while being filmed.  This despite the fact that in the 1930s, there would have been no infrastructure to properly carry the message anywhere.  Or was putting up cell phone towers part of the New Deal?  That's the most reasonable explanation?  And he's never had a better one?

This is the kind of shit I point out when I get smug little Europeans making fun of America for its religious wackos.  To be honest Kent Hovind is no less an idiot than guys like this.

His TARDIS was probably parked nearby. A little bit of sonic on a standard cell phone, and you can call the time vortex from anywhere!

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