Author Topic: Every stupid and bigoted thing said by the Black Israelites  (Read 14228 times)

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Every stupid and bigoted thing said by the Black Israelites
« on: January 29, 2019, 09:41:54 PM »
Props to PSA Stitch for making this supercut:

I didn't think I could neatly fit this in either "Fav" or "Fail" (because PSA deserves props while the Black Israelites deserve mockery).  By extension we can mock leftists for their objectively absurd standards of what constitutes bigotry.
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Re: Every stupid and bigoted thing said by the Black Israelites
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2019, 04:46:40 PM »
I lost interest as soon as they got to the 'worshiping totem poles' comment.  I find it difficult to maintain interest in the rhetoric of people ignorant enough to think totem poles were even a common element in the cultures of New World indigenous peoples, rather than being speiofic to the coastal peoples of the Northwest (in modern Oregon State, Washington State, and Province of British Columbia).

I would kind of like to know where they think all the supposed Black kings in Germany came from. (The Georges were Germans, in fact George I didn't even speak English, and brought over German artists and intellectuals to fill those roles in his real court, whilst Englishman held relatively meaningless roles in the official court ostensibly to do the same jobs.  I'm specifically thinking of both his personal composer and astronomer.)  They even kept a liking for hiring Hessian mercenaries from Germany, which leads to things like the famous King of Pruisia in, so named in hopes it would deter the Hessian mercenaries from looting and burning it (which seems to have worked, the building survives today, and even held together when it was moved some years back).

The notion of Jesus being Black instead of the somewhat colloquial "little brown Jew" he would have been (if there is a specific historical personage at the root of the stories, which, given how muddled and contradictory of established historical documents from the time they are is unlikely) and that they know this in his 'hometown' (which I suspect they think is Nazareth, despite the fact that he is referred to as a 'Nazarene', which actually denotes a certain type of Jewish aesthetic of the period and not being from what was at the time a village too small to be mentioned in any surviving records and wouldn't have had any other meaning to the people of the period except to distinguish this Jesus from the hundreds or even thousands of other guys with the same name).

And that's just the stuff I know off the top of my head about the first few minutes of their idiotic rantings.


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Re: Every stupid and bigoted thing said by the Black Israelites
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2019, 08:02:17 PM »
It helps that Near Easterners traditionally held the blacks in contempt; anyone in Pre-Islamic Arabia tend to be called things like "crows", "slaves" (this one is still used), and "son/daughter of *insert mother's name*" (a huge insult for a patronymic society: you're calling them bastards)

There's a poet, Antara b. Shaddad, who wrote poetry of the finest caliber: a lot of them are about how people "shame him for the blackness of his skin" to use his phrasing. They also called him "ibn Zabiba" (son of Zabiba) --his black mother:

What's inspiring about it though is that it never broke his will: at the end of the poem, where he lists all the degredations he faced, he says this:

I will abide till my injustices* lay me down
and till patience will loudly crash within me (lit. "between my sides")
(though) your place is in the air (or vault) of heaven is in its place
and my arm is too short to reach the planets

He also says (earlier):

And if they forget me, then the sword-blades and spear-tips,
will remind them of my deeds, and where my blows landed

(Antara was a warrior for his tribe, who won his freedom by defending it against dhubyan, Abs' mortal enemies at the time.

What puzzles me is this: here are black people--real ones--who are worthy of being held up as role-models that blacks can show as evidence (and very valid evidence), that they're the equal of all others: Antara isn't alone, mind you, and he isn't even the best example (he could be very blood-thirsty against his tribal enemies). They have also produced glorious kingdoms and empires, with rich and complex histories, worthy of study:

They have Mali, Songhay, the Kongo (the one from centuries ago), Great Zimbabwe, Benin, and so on and so forth.

*can also mean burdens; 3awadhil is a word that doesn't have a direct translation in English.

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Re: Every stupid and bigoted thing said by the Black Israelites
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2019, 05:27:28 AM »
I know that it's a bad post, but I always come in to read.