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Well, good nutrition does affect a bodies growth. And last time I checked the brain was part of the body.
Of course one might argue what good nutrition consists of.

I'm not a vegetarian/vegan and I'd probably be a vegetarian if my body's tolerance towards healthier foods didn't suck. So for now I simply take the position that it's important to care about animals' suffering, while at the same time not explicitly defending eating meat. I admit the People Eating Tasty Animals shtick used to be funny to me, and now it's slightly above a dull chuckle when I see it (I'm not concerned with people having a sense of humor). Some of the stances I saw above such as animals not being sentient, not having rights *because* they're animals, etc. only beg the question: Where is the line drawn? I don't know how much corroboration the "meat consumption leads to bigger brains" has behind it but a lot of these justifications seem like cop-outs. Even if meat = eventual sentience is true, it shouldn't necessarily mean we have to remain in control of nature's shabby stencil like every other heterotrophic organism.
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I've been looking for this video for ages.

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Also, I heard that eating meat tends to give animals big brains or greater intelligence or something like that.
Is that true?
What is going on with that exactly?

Yes, it's the reason why we became as smart as we are.  Your brain craves lots of energy and meat was the best way to do it back in the day.  Notice how most herbivores aren't all that smart?
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