Da Rules

Started by MrBogosity, October 08, 2008, 06:12:59 PM

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This forum is for the discussion of all things bogus. Be advised that the mocking and/or derision of people espousing bogus beliefs is allowed, and even encouraged, but be warned--you may get as well as you give! Grow a thick skin.

But not too thick. Some things should not be allowed, and the skeptics will be held to the same rules as the woos.

  • No spamming/flooding. Spam by our definition is trolling for links or attention. So if you have some product you want to advertise, or some web site or service you want to promote, it's okay as long as it's relevant to the subject being discussed; otherwise, it's spam and it will be sent to The Forbidden Zone. Flooding is posting numerous irrelevant posts (or numerous copies of the same post) for the purposes of preventing discussion. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Although we are in no way responsible for the content of websites that users link to, any links to illegal material--including but not limited to child pornography--are strictly prohibited. The user will be banned and the post deleted, not even to be sent to The Forbidden Zone (they don't even want that crap in the Sixth Dimension!).
  • No slander/libel. No accusing or impugning the character of others, directly or indirectly, regardless of whether or not they are on this forum. As is the case in a court of law, truth is a complete defense to this, so warnings will issue with caution, but if the remarks are not backed up with evidence the posts will be sent to The Forbidden Zone. Repeat offenders will be banned. EXCEPTION: Anyone making a racist or bigoted comment, especially using "the n-word," will be immediately banned, no questions, no excuses.
  • Although we think it's totally bogus, there are many people out there who are offended by certain sections of the epidermal layer, certain biological functions, and many activities of an adult and/or criminal nature. These posts are not prohibited, but the user must place the "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) tag in the subject line. Moderators will place the tag in subjects requiring this that have not been so tagged by the user. There is no penalty for failing to tag, except in cases of repeat offenders who may receive warnings.
  • No stalking or personal harassment. Although we permit and even encourage verbal mocking and derision, we frown when it becomes outright abuse. Personal matters should be settled in PMs or elsewhere. We will not take actions against such users (except in extreme circumstances), but moderators will use their judgment and step in when things are going too far.